The Dosha’s VS The Elemental Archetype

The Elemental Archetype

Understanding our Elemental Archetype is important by understanding Cellf ; Our roots, patterns, weakness, strengths and our spiritual powers. Relating Cellf to animals, nature’s elements and universal shifts.

There are 5 elements of Nature.

Element: Wood A.K.A Ying Yang

Zodiac: Tiger & Rabbit

Season: Spring

Planet: Venus

Represents growth and expansion 

Element: Fire

Zodiac: Snake & Horse

Season: Summer

Planet: Jupiter

Represents inspiration and intuition

Element: Earth A.K.A Wu Xing

Zodiac: Ox, Dragon, Goat & Dog

Season: Flunctuate

Planet: Mercury

Represents patience and stability

Element: Metal

Zodiac: Monkey & Rooster

Season: Autumn

Planet: Mars

Represents ambitious and strong

Element: Water

Zodiac: Pig & Rat

Season: Winter

Planet: Saturn

Represents purity and fertility

Within the Chinese Philosophy: 

There are 12 elements of Nature.

Element: Fire (The element of heat and flame) 

Zodiac: Rooster

Manifest courage

Compatible with Ice & Flower

Element: Thunder  (The element of electricity)

Zodiac: Sheep

Manifest impulse of thoughts and feelins

Compatible with Water & Force

Element: Ice (The element of snow and cold)

Zodiac: Ox

Manifest collected demeanor

Compatible with Thunder & Earth

Element: Water  (The element of water and the ocean)

Zodiac: Snake

Manifest steady flow of growth

Compatible with Fire & Moon

Element: Earth (The element of soil and rocks)

Zodiac: Pig

Manifest physical strength of living things

Compatible with Fire & Time

Element: Wind (The element of soil and rocks)

Zodiac: Horse

Manifest wistfulness of life’s joy

Compatible with Flower & Shadow

Element: Force (The element of combat and spirit)

Zodiac: Tiger

Manifest unbreakable determination

Compatible with Ice & Shadow

Elemet: Flower (The element of plants and nature)

Zodiac: Dog

Manifest creatures growth and adaptation

Compatible with Water & Light

Element: Time (The element of time and eons)

Zodiac: Monkey

Manifest the past and the future

Compatible with Force & Ligh

Element: Moon (The element of space and paranormal)

Zodiac: Rabbit

Manifest strength of mentality

Compatible with Thunder & Wind

Element: Shadow (The element of darkness abd negativity)

Zodiac: Rat

Manifest balance of the heart

Compatible with Moon & Time

Element: Light (The element of divinity and purity)

Zodiac: Dragon

Manifest the good in every being

Compatible with Earth & Wind

Check ot China Highlights for more information about your Chinese Zodiac by clicking on the link below

The Dosha’s

Similar to Chakras, Doshas are biological energies that’s found throughout the human body. By knowing and understanding your doshas, you will be able to be more balanced. Yes, your Doshas are constantly changing their state so the more you understand, the more dis-ease you can detect and cure.

There are 3 Doshas; Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Vata elements are Air and Ether.

Pitta elements are Fire and Water.

Kapha elements are Earth and Water.

The Vata, which is also known as the “King of the Doshas’” governs Wind like no other. When your Vata is out of balance, you attain dry skin, constipation, and anxiety. The areas of the Vata Dosha are in the joints, skin, brain, and nerve tissues. Psychologically, Vata governs creativity and communication so healing the throat Chakra will help greatly. Some qualities of a Vata are rough, dry, and cold. It is important to say grounded. Some things to keep your inner peace are connecting to Mother Nature, meditating regularly, and doing physical activities.

The Pitta, is known as the one “That cook” governs Heat like no other. The areas of the Pitta Dosha are in the stomach, liver, spleen, intestine, pancreas, sweat, blood, and eyes. A person that has a Pitta Dosha must be calm because things can take another direction and overheat quickly as rage takes over. Some things to keep your inner peace are meditating regularly, connecting to Mother Nature, and avoiding artificial stimulants.

The Kapha, is known as the one “That Sticks” governs structure like no other. The Kapha is governed to keep things together and stick. The areas of the Kapha are the chest, throat, head, lymph, fatty tissues, connective tissue, ligaments, and tendons. Physiologically, Kapha stores energy and lubricates the joints.