Divination Recipes

My Lovely Wombman, are you experiencing cramps?
Let's reduce those cramps.


¼ part of Calendula

¼ part of Motherwort

½ part of Cramp Bark

1 part of Peppermint Leaf

1 part of Raspberry Leaf

Have you  been building your immune system?
Don’t let COVID take you out like a light switch.


¼ part of Cinnamon Chips

½ part of Yarrow Lemon Peel

½ part of Lemongrass

1 part of Rosehips

1 part of Hibiscus

Do you have a nasty cold and/or fever on your chest?
Hmm, maybe this will help all that mucus.


1 part of Yarrow flower/leaf

1 part of Peppermint

1 part of Elderflower

Is that naughty migraine driving you crazy? Let’s knock it out.


¼ part of Chamomile

1 part of Lavender

1 part of Basil Leaf

1 pat of Lemon Balm


Are you suffering from acid reflux? Your esophagus must be on fire.


Drink Almond Milk

Drink Ginger

Eat a Banana

Chew Fennel Seeds

Are you taking too long to eat? Eww, you got gas.


Chew Fennel Seeds

Peppermint tea and Caraway oil



Have you ever looked for your phone while the phone is in your hand? Brain fart!



Have you ever noticed that when you use that crusty Colgate your teeth don't get whitened? False advertisement. It’s a killer in front of your eyes.


Eat an Apple

Brush with Charcoal

You ever swallow and you have a knot in your throat?

Knock. It. Out.



¼ part of Ginger Root

¼ part of Cinnamon Chips

½ part Licorice Root

1 part of Sage Leaf

Have you been experiencing knee problems?
Yup, we’re getting old.


Make a habit of doing a hamstring curl

Hemp oil/lotion

Get Arnica