Common Questions

Common Question

That people don’t always ask…

I always hear and see the terminology “Chakra”, what is that?

The term “Chakra” is Sanskrit for “Wheel”. Everyone of us has Chakras. We have many minor Chakras throughout our body, but only 7 main Chakras. Chakras are the energy centers in the body that keeps us functioning, which receives and transmits energy messages. It is said that the Divine created us with the wheels of energy throughout our body. In order for your Chakras to function properly, they have to be aligned. In other words, balanced.

What are the 7 main Chakras and their colors?

1. Root (Red) - Located in the base of the spine. This Chakra keeps you grounded.

2. Sacral ( Orange) - Located in the lower abdomen. This Chakra multiplies sexuality.

3. Solar Plexus ( Yellow ) - Located in the upper abdomen. This Chakra controls ego.

4. Heart ( Green ) - Located in the center of your chest. This Chakra enhances love.

5. Throat ( Blue ) - Located in your throat. This Chakra governs communication.

6. Third Eye ( Purple ) - Located in between your eyes. This Chakra encourages wisdom.

7. Crown ( Indigo ) - Located at the top of your head. This Chakra connects you with the Divine.

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What is Sage? What are its benefits?

Sage is an aromatic plant, also known as an herb, that's used for medical, culinary, and natural purposes. Sage is primarily used to purify and cleanse yourself, your place, others and/or objects. As mentioned above, not only can you sage yourself but you can also sage your crystals, your room, your car and your home. Sage has many benefits; it also enhances your spiritual intuition, creates a fresh energy, alleviates stress, and uplifts your mood. On a mundane level, sage is great for purifying the air of bacteria, bugs, dust and most importantly your Aura. What are you waiting for? You can purchase your Sage today from our store by clicking the link below.

What is an Aura? Do we all have one?

An Aura is an energy light that surrounds one's energy field. As humans, the ions (electricity) we generate in our body is low due to an imbalance. The electricity that we generate creates the aura surrounding us which sends off different levels of frequencies. Not only do we have Auras, but all living things have an Aura like the Sun, Moon, Flowers, and Animals. An Aura isn't something that just anybody can see with their mundane eyes. It has to  be by your peripheral vision. A camera can capture the light beams that circle around the energetic field, as long as you have the right adjustments set.

The colors that surround the Aura are separated by 7 layers of the energy center, also known as the Chakras. Imagine a rainbow and how each layer shows the beautiful layer back to back. Each layer has a different meaning, which corresponds to the Chakras.

First layer is the Etheric layer, which is the layer that’s closest to the skin. This layer corresponds to the Base/Root Chakra. The color of this layer is Blueish/Grey.

The second layer is the Emotional layer, which is directly outside of the etheric body and holds all of our feelings. This Layer corresponds to the Sacral Chakra. The color of this layer can be a rainbow

The third layer is the Mental layer, which is outside of the physical body and contains our mental process. This layer corresponds to the Solar Plexus Chakra. The color of this layer is Yellow.

The fourth layer is the Astral layer, the layer in the center, which is a bridge between the low vibrations and the high vibrations. Body, Mind, and Spirit. This layer corresponds to the Heart Chakra. The color of this layer is literally a rainbow. It is balanced. The color of this layer is Pink.

The fifth layer is the Etheric Template, which is connected to the Throat Chakra and helps to communicate properly. The color of this layer varies.

The sixth layer is the Celestial Layer, which is connected to the Third Eye. This layer serves as a door to the spiritual realm and is a pathway to enlightenment. The color of this layer is White.

The seventh layer is the Ketheric layer, which is connected to the Crown Chakra. This layer is a protective layer that vibrates at a High Frequency. The color of this layer is Gold.

It is important to always cleanse your Aura to remove negative energy and allow your frequency to be at its highest peak. One way to cleanse your Aura is by burning Sage or Palo Santo. Are you ready to cleanse and balance your Aura? You can purchase this in our store today.