The Celtic Tree of Life


The Crann Bethadh… Also known as The Celtic Tree of Life, is the most important and well known symbol.


The Celtic Tree of Life symbol has various meanings behind it, the real meaning is how you interpret the symbol and what it means to you. It is believed that this symbol has magical powers.


The Ancient Celts believed that the Celtic Tree of Life is a symbol of Harmony and Balance. They believed in this symbol so much that it became a part of their culture, their beliefs. The Tree represents REbirth - The Cycle of Life.


Let's take a step back and soak this good information in…


The Ancient Celts? The Celtic Tree of Life? Hmm, interesting.

Ancient Celts believed that the Tree is literally Mother Nature. That the Tree made sure to protect and hold the spirits of the ancestors' in Nature.


This symbol exists in many cultures like China, Ancient Egypt, Europe, and the Mayans. This is traced all the way back to 2000 BC.


The Celtic Tree of Life is similar to the infinity symbol.


Do you see the similarity? No? Welp, I guess it's just me.


The Celtic Tree of Life has knots, knots that symbolize the branches and roots that are in a continuous knot that's supposed to spread between Heaven and Earth. In simple terms, this means that there’s no end or beginning… Eternal life, never ending.


Harmony, balance, and love lies in the center of the Tree. The Celtic Tree of Life is symmetrically balanced. 


Yes I said, balanced. 



The Celtic Tree of Life represents 3 stages of life;


Birth, Death, and Reincarnation.


It is also believed that The Celtic Tree of Life has great similarities to the Oak Tree.


What do you think?


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