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Chakra/Rose Quartz Orgonite Pyramids

Chakra/Rose Quartz Orgonite Pyramids

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The orgonite material within the pyramid works to absorb and transmute negative energies, while simultaneously emitting positive life force energy. This results in a continuous flow of harmonious vibrations that uplift your surroundings and enhance your spiritual journey.

Our Chakra Orgonite Pyramids not only offer energetic benefits but also serve as stunning decorative pieces for your home or workspace. The vibrant gemstones embedded within each pyramid add a touch of beauty and elegance to any environment, creating a visually captivating and energetically charged space.

Our Rose Quartz Orgonite Pyramids not only radiate the loving energy of rose quartz but also the powerful properties of orgonite. Orgonite is a combination of resin, metal shavings, and crystals that work together to harmonize and balance the energy in your environment. It helps to transmute negative energy into positive, uplifting vibrations, creating a space that promotes well-being and spiritual growth.

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