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Lotus Awakening

Opal Eye

Opal Eye

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Opalite provides energy to the Mind, Body, and Spirit. It's highly energetic and a great healing stone. Opal unblocks and heals the negative energy of your chakras and meridians all while giving you strength and and soothes the soul. The opal gemstones featured in this bracelet are renowned for their iridescent play of colors, captivating anyone who gazes upon them. With shades of shimmering blues, greens, and pinks, each opal stone is truly unique, reflecting the wearer's individuality and personality. The opal's vibrant energy promotes optimism, creativity, and inspiration, making it a wonderful companion for those seeking to express their true selves.

At the center of this bracelet, you'll find an evenly eye pendant, a symbol revered in many cultures for its protective properties. The eye motif is believed to ward off negativity, evil spirits, and misfortune, guiding its wearer towards a path of positivity, clarity, and insight. With this pendant gracing your wrist, you can feel a heightened sense of confidence and protection as you navigate through life's journeys.

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