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Lotus Awakening

Black Panther

Black Panther

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Introducing our Matte Black Onyx Bracelet with a touch of fierce elegance - the Black Panther. This exquisite piece is meant to empower your inner strength and enhance your personal style. Crafted with precision, the matte black onyx beads symbolize protection and grounding energy, while the iconic black panther charm represents courage and resilience.

Designed to inspire confidence and determination, this bracelet is perfect for those who seek to make a bold statement. The sleek and modern aesthetics of the matte black beads combined with the striking black panther charm create a mesmerizing combination that will captivate attention wherever you go.

Not only is this piece dark and handsome. But it’s also loaded with heavy protection, grounding and self control. Say hello to Black Onyx. He brings balance to yin and yang. TIP💡 This can aide to align/activate Root Chakra.

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