Our Philosophy



* Clears throat * 

Let me introduce myself. My name is Shana and I'm Your all time favorite Holistic Coach. My goal is to help you Manifest Your Desires. Before we get started, I'll tell you a little about me and the birth of Lotus Awakening.

After being in a long committed relationship, my partner and I decided it was time to start a family. After years of trying things didn't happen. I later on found out that I suffered from PCOS and that it would be nearly impossible for me to ever have a child,  I was devastated. My partner felt the same way I did because he as well desired to have children. I couldn't allow him to stay with me knowing I couldn't give him what he desired most so I called it quits.

Over the years I suffered from depression, I developed anxiety, I attempted to commit suicide a few times and I always seemed to ask myself what I did wrong... I truly lost myself. Talk about Mental Health. Black Mental Health.

 I decided to take control of MY life.

While fighting my demons and trying to stay on a path of becoming a Revolutionary Goddess, I seen, heard, felt and did things I hadn't known possible. I knew I was onto something great when I felt the shift in MySelf and the Universe. I got back into reading more, learning more and expanding My Mind. I started smudging sage, tapping into My Higher Intuitions and using tools like stone to aide me along the journey. I got a Spiritual Coach to guide me and became a BEAST.


Becoming aware of Cellf (Self) is what allowed the change in my life to take effect. I did an entire 360 and changing my Lifestyle. Opening my Mind to infinite possibilities is what allowed me to soak in information without being ignorant. Going out and planting my feet in the ground and listening to the Universe speak to me is what allowed me to become grounded to Mother Nature. In time, things intertwined and connected magically. It's authentic.

From there, I reconnected with someone of my past and boom, came baby. I then understood that all that I been working on finally paid off and the complete switch I took in my life was due to me taking charge of it. I manifest each and everyone of my desires.

Here we are now, a year later and the Rebirth of Lotus Awakening has beautifully came to life. We are dedicated to help aide you to reach Your Highest Potential so You can Heal Your Mind, Body, and Spirit with a Holistic approach to Life.

We truly believe that everything is connected and in order to comprehend or be aware is to have Understanding and Wisdom withIN thySelf. That's where we come in. So don't be afraid to ask an expert! 

🧿 Eye am the Righteous Owner of Cellf 🧬(Self)